Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Leah, Happy I'm Home

Leah and Naomi were happy to find me home this morning; I spent the last couple of days traveling to attend my grandfather's funeral. Here Leah was being silly.

Preschool graduate

Naomi (Mimi) "graduated" from her three years of preschool on Saturday, June 6. Nana and Grandpa (Al and Lois Voeller), Phil and I and Leah attended. Her class put on a play, "The Little Gingerbread Girl," and Naomi played a cat. Her teacher told the audience what each child wants to be when he grows up and Mimi wants to be a veterinarian. Some other kids' choices were dad, fireman, mom, rainforest guy, and builder. Naomi's declaration is no surprise to us since she adores our cats, carries stuffed cats everywhere, draws nothing but cats and her favorite game is cat and kitty pretend with Leah. She also recently saw "Born Free," and sings or hums the theme song constantly (she morphed accidentally to the Star Wars theme (ever noticed how close those theme songs are?). She was upset to learn that there was no way she could raise a wild lion cub herself here. Maybe when she's grown up!

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