Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Nourished Kitchen Challenge Week 4

I have found the month-long challenge motivating and very worthwhile. I need to review the week's challenges and see what we did and report on specifics, but we have continued along the path toward more traditional foods very well.

I discovered that the beet kvass I made a few days ago is quite good now with a tiny bit of apple juice added. I read online somewhere also that next time if I add less salt and ferment it for longer, the taste will be more pleasant. I think that the second round of fermentation on this batch will be better because it won't be so salty anyway.

Tonight, I'll make tilapia fish sticks breaded with sprouted grain wheat bread crumbs and sauteed in a little coconut oil, some brown rice + barley + daikon radish seed medley, and some roasted carrot puree.

Yesterday I made some oatmeal cookies with maple syrup that were pretty good; the kids really like them. Getting used to the non-refined sugar taste may take some getting used to by us grown ups though.

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