Monday, February 11, 2013

Weight Watchers: Take 2

Wednesday I weigh in and that will be the end of the first week of my second try with Weight Watchers. I followed WW last year at the same time, February through May and lost 23 pounds. Yeah! I made the top of my weight range and decided to take a break, maintain for the summer and lose the rest of the weight I wanted to lose in the fall.

My good habits fell to the wayside after my dad died unexpectedly in July and I gained almost all of the weight I had lost. I still grieve but I'm ready to get fit and healthy and be the woman I am on the inside on the outside. I'm embracing life now which I think is what Dad would want more than anything for me.

Yesterday I came up with 20 reasons to reach my ideal weight. Here they are, not in any particular order of importance:
  1. Be healthy.
  2. Be a good role model.
  3. Feel good about myself and gain a better self-image.
  4. Be able to not despise shopping.
  5. Be athletic again.
  6. Have less back pain.
  7. Make my family proud to be with me and proud of me.
  8. Be able to do more with my kids such as learn to ski and go swimming without feeling ashamed.
  9. Accomplish something measurable through hard work.
  10. Feel more attractive.
  11. Get back into shape before menopause.
  12. Acknowledge aging and face it by getting stronger physically and emotionally.
  13. Control what I can control.
  14. Take steps to heal--recover/grow through grief.
  15. Practice self care and thereby become a better caregiver.
  16. Show the world the "real" me.
  17. Make the last half of my 40s and the whole of my 50s healthier than my 30s.
  18. Make my 45th birthday symbolize a rebirth.
  19. Be an inspiration to others.
  20. Remember that the body is the temple for the soul and treat it as such.
Thank you. Be well.

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